WEALTHCON® is an educational forum to teach the nuances of finance to the doctor fraternity. This idea was conceived by Dr Ramnath Ghute, a radiologist from Mumbai in 2017. This platform of Wealthcon has transformed itself into a fast growing tree with more than 8000 allopathic doctors from India as well as 12 overseas countries being actively involved in financial education of doctors.

Since its inception in the year 2017, Wealthcon has made financial education of the fraternity of doctors, the primary goal. To achieve this goal, Wealthcon has been conducting various conferences and educational programmes in various cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Akola. The response to these programmes have been overwhelming, with full capacity audience eager to learn from excellent presentations, lectures and live demonstration of analysis and trading in stocks. The speakers and faculties in these forums have been doctors who are experienced and trained in investment and finance despite being active in their respective clinical practices.

It is extremely important to stress that WEALTHCON neither endorses nor sells any insurance policies, mutual funds or portfolio management services. WEALTHCON is not associated with any agent, financial adviser, insurance company or mutual fund company in any manner whatsoever.


WEALTHCON is a financial education drive of the doctors for the doctors by the doctors. WEALTHCON helps members to partner with each other to share their knowledge,and solve their financial dilemmas with collective efforts that are mutually benefitting.


WEALTHCON envisions to make doctors independent investors and self reliant in all financial matters.


Innovation: Cultures of innovation is naturally dynamic. Processes and procedures are liquid. WEALTHCON endeavours analysis, assignments, experimentation and ultimately opportunities for improvement.