Who can benefit?

Doctors who are novices in the field of finance

What is taught?

  • Introduction to various products of passive investment like equity, debt, gold and real estate.
  • Analysis, selection and investment in mutual funds, stocks and gold using simple criteria devised by Dr Ramnath Ghute like MPTDS for stocks and CAARE-SA for Mutual funds.
  • Basic concepts of life insurance, taxation, HUF, debt investment and other avenues of long term passive investments.

Where is the course conducted?

These one day programmes have been organised in various cities of the country like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Akola and Nashik.


Who can benefit?

Doctors who are busy in their clinical practice and interested in long term investment. The programme is designed with the core concept of active investing.

What is taught?
• Fundamental analysis of stocks

• Portfolio optimisation techniques

• Portfolio diversification techniques

• Concepts of profit booking

• Risk management.

• Basic Technical analysis


Where is the course conducted?



Who can benefit?

• Doctors who are keen to learn specialised advanced trading techniques.
• Young (<50years age), technology savvy and who can devote time to track market.

What is taught?
• In depth technical analysis like price action, Ichimoku, Gann and other tools.
• Basic concepts and strategies of Futures and Options
• Risk management
• Position sizing
• Trading psychology

Where is the course conducted?


Who can benefit?

Busy, practising doctor who can get more returns with less time devoted to the markets. If one wants to learn portfolio optimisation, futures and options in easy language with hedging of portfolio, commodity and currency trading

What is taught?

  • This course is a special learning session for selected scholars under the able mentorship of Dr Ramnath Ghute.
  • This method of trade vesting has been devised by him after his vast experience of share market to develop the mindset of a HNI


What is the principle of tradevesting?

The basic principle of tradevesting technique is based on the combination of knowledge of a trader and the patience of a long term investor.
The aim of these techniques is to generate good returns with low risk by diversification into various assets like futures and options of indices, stocks, gold, currency and debt products with proper hedging.

How are the scholars selected?

Dr Ramnath Ghute screens each and every scholar who has applied to join this programme through a tough selection criteria. This batch of limited scholars undergo training in this method of trade vesting at Mumbai under his able mentorship.


How are the scholars trained?

  • This course is of 3-4 full day sessions spread over a period of 6 months.
  • The scholars, in this course of 6-8 months, undergo rigorous daily assignments in various concepts of futures and options.
  • Scholars are also trained to develop right psychology of tradevestor.