Past Conferences

A Look at Wealthcon Conferences

Discipline, time management and jam packed halls have been the hallmarks of conferences at Weathcon. “Time is money”, this concept is evident in all the events of Wealthcon with the punctuality of the sessions comparable to the Swiss. The speakers and audience are disciplined to follow the time management during the conferences. One has never seen halls filling to the brim in medical conferences but at Wealthcon, the scenes are exactly the opposite. The halls are jam packed before the sessions start and remain so till the end. The faculties in all these conferences are doctors who have had a vast experience in the field of investing and trading in the stock markets.

BIP (Basic Investors Programme):

The basic courses are one day programmes conducted in various cities which cover the basic concepts of finance like mutual funds, selecting stocks, gold, HUF and taxation. These have been conducted at Pune (2017), Nashik (July 2018), Nagpur (Nov 2018), Delhi (24th March 2019), Pune (7th April 2019), Aurangabad (21/4/19), Nagpur (25/8/19), Mumbai (2/2/20) and Akola (16/2/20). The first foray into the northern part of the country was achieved by conducting the programme in Delhi which was a grand success. Another milestone was using the teleconferencing facility for the first time at Wealthcon for the conference at Akola. Dr Ramnath Ghute answered all the queries of the delegates from Mumbai via teleconferencing for this session.

Annual Conference, Mumbai (11/12/13th January 2019)

This was a 3 day extravaganza which was divided into two parts, the basic course on the 11th and the advanced course on 12th and 13th of Jan, held in Mumbai. The basic course covered the basics of finance like MF, insurance, debt products and gold. The next two days of the advanced course delved into various assets of investing and trading like gold, real estate, equity and debt products (GRED). Advanced strategies for technical analysis were discussed in detail. AIP MUMBAI (16-17th November 2019) This conference was a two day event for advanced investors held in Mumbai. The topics ranged from the most basic to the advanced like use of Microsoft Excel for investing and trading, analysis of stocks and mutual funds, analysis of stocks by fundamental and technical analysis with portfolio optimisation techniques. The star speaker of the conference was a 14 year old child of a doctor who taught the audience how to select good stocks using MPTDS criteria. As Dr Ram always says, “it is child’s play to select good stocks using MPTDS criteria”, proven on the stage by an excellent presentation of Shrenik Vaidya.

ATP Mumbai (11-12th January 2020)

This was a two day star studded programme held in Mumbai. The basics of futures and options trading were taught in the most unique way to the audience. The most common strategies of FnO were discussed at length like covered call, short strangles, iron condor, delta and gamma neutral strategies and arbitrage strategies. Due importance was given to important aspects of technical analysis like Elliot wave, Gann, Fibonacci, Moving Average, Harmonic study and Price Action. It was a financial feast for all the scholars who attended the programme.

Tradevesting Mentorship Programme (TMP)

at The Orchid hotel in Vile parle, Mumbai and as a series of webinars in 2 batches over the period of 4 months of lockdown.During the tough times of covid-19 wealthcon educated countless no of doctors from the safety of their homes.

Sr No. Date Place
1 8 th Oct, 2017 Pune
2 Jan, 2018 Mumbai
3 July, 2018 Nashik
4 Nov, 2018 Nagpur
5 Jan, 2019 AIP/ATP- Mumbai
6 March, 2019 BIP-Delhi
7 Aug, 2019 BIP-Nagpur
8 April, 2019 Pune
9 April, 2019 Aurangabad
10 Nov, 2019 AIP-Mumbai
11 Jan, 2020 ATP-Mumbai
12 Feb, 2020 BIP-Mumbai
13 Feb, 2020 BIP-Akola