Dr. Akshaya N Shetti

Dr.Akshaya N Shetti

The WEALTHCON Testimonial!!
What to say about WEALTHCON? It’s a not just a game changer of the financial aspect. It’s all about the changing the life of any medico. I have not seen any platform like this. It’s a combo of all types of financial education and also we learn how to lead our life.
To share my experience, I was really hunting for a teacher who can teach me about finance.
Unfortunately I didn’t get any till 2017. A fine day I skipped one of the important family function as I wanted to attend the financial education. The first conference itself impresses me the concept of Dr.Ram. now I am totally addicted to WEALTHCON concept. I was unaware that medico also do lot proper investments. After joining my whole perception changed. The WEALTHCON has various types of gurus. It’s a selfless act Dr.Ram is having and poring the abundant knowledge on needy.
The discipline in the group, categorization of groups is so fantastic that even with more than 6000 plus doctors in single group, there is no controversies!! One should act like a swan to be successful.
Lot many things you can learn and no doubt one will be financially independent. One should not think whether to join or not to join the WEALTHCON. It is must if you want to be financial literate.
Lastly why and where are you searching for the god Ram? when he is with us and guiding properly.
I am happy to be the part of WEALTHCON.
Open your eyes before you close eyes permanently.
- Dr.Akshaya N Shetti, Professor, Dept of Anesthesiology and critical care, RMC, PIMS, Loni, Maharashtra, India.