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“Radiology is a my profession, TradeVesting is my Passion, Teaching is my Addiction”

Dr Ramnath Ghute is a  practising Radiologist in Mumbai.He has been a meritorious student of the renowned and prestigious King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth GS Medical College, Mumbai. He did his undergraduation (MBBS) and post graduation (MD) in Radiodiagnosis  from this premier institute.

Though he is an expert in the field of radiodiagnosis, he is also an expert in the field of investing and trading in the stock market with a cumulative experience of more than 15 years. He has been a witness to major bull and bear cycles in stock market following which he has developed his own unique concept of Tradevesting, based on the combination of trading and investing principles. Tradevesting methodology has been proven to be suitable for doctors, who are occupied with extensive clinical work and have paucity of time to keep a constant watch on the markets.

Apart from passionately educating doctors about finance, he has also guided hundreds of colleagues in various areas of life through his Telegram channels Speakmind, Bhagvad Gita with Ram, and Leadership development program where the aim has been to develop a holistic personality of the person.



Administrator, Programme co-ordinator of Wealthcon India
Consultant Radiologist, Mumbai.

Dr Shweta Matreja is a practising consultant Radiologist from mumbai. She was university topper in her postgraduate course and as a career Radiologist  has authored and published exam oriented academic books for students of Radiology.

She is also a keen student of finance since early age, and understood the power of compounding, described as 8th wonder of the world by global finance guru Warren Buffet, early on. So the journey of investing started at younger age, with high risk trading in cryptocurrency. Later on her interest shifted to less risk ,more return strategies, thanks to Wealthcon.

Dr Shweta is a co ordinator, anchor,and admin of Wealthcon since it’s inception and has been a part of conceptualisation and execution of various Wealthcon programmes.


WEALTHCON envisions to make doctors independent investors and self reliant in all financial matters. The eventual aim has been to make doctors financially free at the earliest. WEALTHCON wants its members to generate more and more passive income so that they can practice Medicine more actively without worrying about money, an important by-product of their profession.


WEALTHCON is a financial education drive of the doctors for the doctors by the doctors. WEALTHCON helps members to partner with each other to share their knowledge,and solve their financial dilemmas with collective efforts that are mutually benefitting. It also assists members in research and training in the various subjects of Finance.


Innovation: Cultures of innovation is naturally dynamic. Processes and procedures are liquid. WEALTHCON endeavours analysis, assignments, experimentation and ultimately opportunities for improvement.

Authenticity: Genuinely unbiased and authentic opinion is the hallmark of WEALTHCON. Non association with sellers of any sort of financial products, gives an edge to WEALTHCON to profess neutral and impartial opinions.

Fraternity: WEALTHCON fosters fellowship, brotherhood and camaraderie among medical professionals. Members help colleagues without any reservation. Members share their own experience and research with enthusiasm and humility with the aim to help their own colleagues.