Dr. Dhiraj Pardeshi

Dr. Dhiraj Pardeshi

Hello All I joined Wealthcon Group on link sent by my dear friend Dr Nitin Gawai just before 1st Mumbai Conference in December 2017 and my life changed completely after that
Before Wealthcon it’s similar story to everyone like all traditional LIC policies, random and Monkey Mind behaviour,Regular MFs etc etc ...the list is long and repeated by almost all of us...

Changes in Financial Matters

Won’t repeat in writings as these are Standard Wealthcon Recommendations now regarding Insurance and Mutual Funds that everyone follows ...

I am one of those fortunate people who got selected for 1st TMP BATCH and my perception about many things changed drastically
How a person in this materialistic and selfish world teaches you all his knowledge and wisdom which he has gained after a DECADE long study and hardships whole heartedly without expecting any thing from you...BIG SALUTE to Ram Sir
I learned lot many things along with Tradevesting form Ram sir such as Patience,Dedication, Selflessness, Swann Philosophy, Relationships and CONNECTING THE DOTS funda...!!!!
Currently I am doing only TRADEVESTING taught by RAM sir and extremely happy and confident of my equity investment and trading. I need to pay hardly 30 minutes per month for strategies taught by Ram SIR and till date all are in PROFIT ...!!!
TMP STRATEGIES are most suitable for the DOCTORS and I WILL RECOMMEND to all Wealthcon members try to get a seat in TMP PROGRAMME...!!!!

Next Good thing happened with me was getting an opportunity from Ram Sir to start WEALTHCON CLUB IN HADAPSAR PUNE AREA ... INFINITY WEALTHCON CLUB...
We are trying to take Ram sir’s mission to further long and deep to educate the fellow doctors in financial matters...!!
NOW with SIR again part of PASS IT FORWARD PROGRAMME and become a VOLUNTEER in it..
I always remember Ram Sir’s sayings like Bas Karana Hai to Karana Hai.....!!!!
I have made promise to myself that I will be with Ram Sir in each and every Endeavour he takes in his hand and will be with WEALTHCON FOREVER...!!!!