Dr. Mamta Kane

Dr. Mamta Kane

Wealthcon a turning point in our journey of finance - a treasure to Cherish I would like to thank Dr Ram and Wealthcon for the knowledge I have gained in the past year from this extraordinary platform.

I joined Wealthcon group a year ago-thanks to my friend Dr Sandeep Muley for introducing me to the group. The group was 2 years old then with many valuable discussions in the past messages. I remember going through them for hours together every day for many months completely engrossed, and realised what a treasure it holds for a financial market enthusiast like me! Around the time that I joined the group, I was trying to find my feet in the market for past few years with a focus on fundamental analysis with mixed results. Trying to learn on my own without any guidance, I was almost reaching a dead end, not knowing how to improve my performance further. Wealthcon came at the right time for me and became a turning point for me in my journey in the stock market.

Since I have joined Wealthcon my learning curve has gone up steeply. Not only did I consolidate my fundamental analysis skills, I added technical analysis to my kitty - with promising results in my portfolio. There are endless learning opportunities, inspiration and motivation here not only in personal finance but to grow in other spheres of life too. I also gained insight into various concepts and methods of investing, including how and what professional investors and traders would do. This is all thanks to Dr Ram’s ability to simplify complex topics including his super simplified algorithms, and to all the experts and mentors who share their wisdom selflessly with us. No text book/website or course can ever provide this kind of knowledge and support under one roof. To add to it all attending the Tradevesting Mentorship Programme (TMP) where Dr Ram shares his unique investing style has been a transformative experience for me - in the coming years I hope to incorporate it all in my investing style.

Wealthcon is a phenomenal move financial education platform for us. Financial literacy is an important aspect of everyone’s life, and yet so poorly addressed. Hats off to Dr Ram for his vision, his tireless efforts, his commitment, and his incredible dedication towards addressing this gap - we are lucky to have him as our teacher and mentor. What I find most remarkable about this forum is that many members who knew nothing about financial market instruments have been trained to become successful independent investors within months of joining - this says it all about The Wealthcon.