GOAL Imagine a football match between Brazil and Argentina.

The players are excellent with the players playing at at very fast pace. However, after 90 minutes, all the players were exhausted but the spectators were disappointed. There was NO RESULT of the match. Despite a spectacular game, no goal was scored, because, there was NO GOAL-POST.(Ground staff forgot to put it on)

Now the question arises: Are you playing the game of life without Goal post like the above game? ?

If YES, you are bound to get exhausted without any results.

Surely, one may argue that he/she is enjoying the life.

Oh really!

If it’s so then why 20% people in country are affected one of the 3 diseases (Diabetics, BP & Depression )– Its Major cause in underlying unhappiness.

Unhappiness is like exhausted players without goalpost.

Most of the people are living life like a ZOMBIE.

Lets go back to Goal setting :

When one sets a goal, he’ll get a direction for life. He would do things which takes him towards his goal, and avoid things which may drift away from his goal.

Each person has different types of goals, however, it can be categorised into 4 major groups.

1.Personal goal: Health, Knowledge, Experiences of life (vacation, sports etc)

2. Family goals:

3. Finance & Professional goals: E.g. Opening hospital. Earning a billion, Getting new degree etc

4. Social Goals:Doing some work to impact lives of other people, contribute to make the planet a better place.

Goal has to be WRITTEN document.

How to write goal? It’s What, Why, When and How.

Let’s take example of long term goal.

●WHAT->Wealth creation- 1 Billion(Rs)-

●WHY-> To get Financial freedom

●WHEN : 2040

●HOW(PRICE): This is most crucial for achieving goal. You must be willing to pay price to achieve your goal. People want Heaven also but FREE. One must die to reach heaven, which you don’t want to.

Similarly, you must pay price to get something.

Let’s say you decide invest 50 Lacs in 2020, then you must be willing to Sacrifice many other things. You need to CUT down expenses, you may need to work more, you may have to say NO to nonproductive social activities. ..so on.

Lastly, You write your Financial Goal of 2020.

Most of the people link financial goals to purpose of children education, marriage and retirement(Emotional reasons). NOTHING WRONG in that.

However, I have different take on this. These financial goal linking with Emotional reasons are popularised by Agents and financial advisers. They calculate sum for each goal and prescribe SIP in mutual funds to investors. In reality, agent calculate his monthly income via commission.

My suggestions: THINK BIG.

Why are you playing petty games when you are capable of playing big games?

Why are you thinking of Rs 2 Lacs pensions after age 65?

Why NOT to think about creating Wealth of 100 crores or 1000 Crores??

You don’t have to worry for retirement and marriage of children.

Someone may say that 100 Cr is not possible for him or her.

Well you have thought HOW IT’S NOT POSSIBLE,

Today ,Think HOW IT’S POSSIBLE. Once you start thinking then doors open.

There are many people in world who made millions and billions wealth from scratch, because they THOUGHT IT’S POSSIBLE.

Another question crops up: Thinking BIG, making 100 crores sounds good, but goal should be worthy of dreaming. I would need some help to decide what should be done with those 100 crores. Is it not money-mindedness unless we use it for some social cause?

It’s a misconception that you can get money without social cause.

In fact; you can’t make money without creating value.

Bill Gates made impact on billions of people and made billions.

OLA Uber , makemytrip, Amazon, Google, Warren Buffet, Star investors have created value for others.

Money is byproduct of value you create.

When I say make 100 Cr, it means you create value of 100 Cr.

Creating value is also social cause, charity is a different concept. 2 lakhs per month investment with 12% return over 20 years will create wealth of 20 crores & reaches to massive 70 crores by 30 years. That’s unbelievable !???