Investment for Senior Citizens

Investment for Senior Citizens


Goal of senior citizens is WEALTH PROTECTION

Senior citizens should invest in following products:

1. Debt Mutual funds

2. Bank FD

3. Senior Citizen Scheme

4. Balanced mutual funds

5. High Dividend stocks.


1. Debt mutual funds invest in fixed deposits, Corporate Bonds and Government bonds.

            There are many types of Debt Funds you need to do research because some debt funds are misleading and they invest in shares also.

            Safest debt funds : Liquid funds and Arbitrage funds

2. Senior Citizens need  regular income for Health and Living.

            If one has adequate funds in Debt products then some amount can be invested in MF.

3. Safety is important than growth

4. Senior Citizens should have more component of DEBT than Equity.

            GRED: 10:40:10:40

5. Person can have Income from

            Rent from property

            Dividend from shares

            Interest from FD

            Capital gain from Debt fund SWP

6. SWP: You can decide Fixed  amount, then MF will liquidate units and transfer money to your bank account

7. After 60 age, you need to start shifting from Equity to Debt products