Time Management

Time Management

■ The TIME■ Dr Ram
Once upon a time time, there lived a family of 12 members. A couple and 10 children.
Everyday father would give 1000 rupees to each child as pocket money.
There are only four ways ways to spend this money .
First ,spend on necessary items of living.(Survival). e.g. food, cloths
Second, spend on enjoyment items. Children can spend amount on
various items for self enjoyment for example entertaintment watching sport et cetera
Third, Children can waste money. They can buy gadgets , just because others buying. He
can buy pour money wherever others are pouring.
Fourth, children can invest money wisely to generate future return.
Father would credit ₹ 1000 to bank account of each child when they wake up in the
9 Out 10 children would spend entire ₹1000 money on first three items
( Survival,Enjoy,Waste)
However, 1 child would invest ₹ 200 per day and spend ₹800 on Survival and Enjoyment.
He doesnt have Waste Basket items.
As children grew older their expenses increased, they demanded more pocket money to
Father, however, father refused to give extra money. He told children that he could give
only thousand rupees per day.
9 children are severely distressed. however one child who would invest is comfortable
and living peaceful life. He has created value for himself.
Father is no one else, but GOD, who recharge our account daily with 1000 minutes. ( Out
of 1440 minutes of a day 440 went in the sleep. We get 1000 waking minutes).
Almost 90% of the people use those thousand minutes for first three activities,
( survival enjoyment and wastage). Only 10% of the people save and invest for
Most of the people are living a life which is by default. They are living like wooden block
floating in a river.
They are not aware that they I have limited time on this planet. Atleast 98% of the doctors
are dead before age 80 .( We see many patients of more than 8o years , We see the
politicians who are above 90 years . How many doctors have you seen above 90??)
We don’t understand that time is most precious commodity . It is more valuable than
diamond and Platinum as well well. And we waste time as water.
We audit our finance every year. Have you ever done audit of audit of your time?

When we ask doctors to read something at Wealthcon conferences ,many of them say that
they have no time time. They are very busy.
Each person on this planet gets thousand minutes minutes everyday.
How can you say that you don’t don’t have time. Is God partial and giving you less credit
than others others?
Have you ever done Time Audit?
Today, We will discuss what most of the readers do.
Most of the readers work hard in OPD and OT. …No doubt.
However, significant time is spent on basket of Waste items .

  1. Discussion about Celebrities (politician, sportsmen, movie star)
  2. Discussion about Medical associations and their office bearers.
  3. Discussion or thinking about Rival practitioners.
  4. Watching TV news or Soap Opera
  5. Scrolling Facebook and counting Likes to latest photo. Khudka aur Dusaro ka bhi..
  6. Reading Junk forwards on Whatsapp
  7. Gossip about people with whom they are Jealous…
    ■ EDAPE formula of Time Management ■ Dr Ram
    One speakmind reader requested to write about Time management. We shall try to
    discuss today.
    Firstly, you need to understand that , you can’t manage time, you have to manage yourself
    We have designed a formula for usage of time and improve efficiency, I call it EDAPE
    formula. इड़ापे
  8. Eliminate
    You should eliminate nonproductive activities from your life. Learn to say NO to
    unnecessary social obligation. As a trial basis ,just eliminate 10% activities which
    you are doing currently.
    E.g. Watching TV, gossip, Unnecessary Parties
  9. Delegate:
    Delegate mechanical work to assistant, driver, maid, or employees. Once you delegates
    work then don’t interfere with them. Don’t indulge in backseat driving.

Many things can be done automatically by using technology. E.g. Bill payements, SIP,
Insurance payment.

  1. Prioritise
    After you Eliminated, Delegated and Automated almost 30-40% work is reduced. Then
    prioritise remaining activities.
    Select Any 3-4 CORE ACTIVITIES and allot maximum time to it. E.g. Work to make a
    living, Learning, Family commitments, Hobbies.
    Whatever you planned, you must execute it out diligently. You may need Military type
    discipline to get things done.
    It may sound too strict but there is no way to move things without discipline.
    LIFE is too short.
    Don’t waste in Gossip of Filmstars or Politician.
    There is No guarantee that you would live till 70 years ( Bitter truth 90% people in India Die
    before 70 ).
    Focus on Worthy, Discard the Dirt
    We all know that TIME is MONEY.
    Tragedy is that very few people apply this to life.
    Convert Time into Money.
    Lets say. You earn Rs 1200 per hour. That means Rs 20 per minute.
    If you spend 10 minutes about Gossip you wasted Rs 200.
    How easily we spend on Gossip, especially discussing about the people who you are
    In today’s time, doing multitasking for work, taking care of children’s and parents, taking
    care of health and pacing to keep with the progress kills all the time left for oneself.
    Technology and fast progress is too much to handle. Some of the days we just pass them
    without laughing and talking meaningful.
    How to slow down? Simplify LIFE.
    First step : Reduce expenses by 30%
    Second : Reduce Social commitment 30%
    Third: Uninstall Facebook and other mobile application. U can login from laptop
    or desktop.
    99.99% material of social media is Not urgent. You can check once a week or month.
    Fourth : Stop GOSTIC ( Gossip and Critics). Stop discussion of celebrity , Rivals,
    Politics of Association.
    I am sure , you would get atleast 2 hours free.
    As expenses are reduced ,you will have to work less .

Multitasking is good only if you are doing less important and Non cognitive work.
E.g. Commuting.
Write all things you want to achieve in life. ( it may be long list 80-100 or more)
Then , keep removing one by one till only 5 things are remaining.
Rest of things EDAPE formula

  1. SIMPLIFY LIFE (Simplest and most powerful 2 words)